Restore your Body like you would a Classic Car

spine Jul 22, 2020

So, you’ve found a great Classic Car on Trademe. You know, one of those really nice old things, that is really elegant,  classy and run down. Cobwebs can be found everywhere. The hubcaps are barely holding in place. Ok. So you start with your project. Let's do this thing up…


Do you think there will be a few bumps in the road? Frustration from things not fixing easily, not working the way you expect. Maybe you might accidentally break something along the way.


You may have to turn over numerous stones along the way to get what you need, the right fit for your vehicle. Some times you may feel stress, emotion due to the roadblocks that appear.

But... if you persevere for long enough, then you get the reward. And you get to jump in your beautifully restored vehicle driving away into the sunshine with the wind in your hair, enjoying the leather upholstery (maybe a bench seat) and other primitive but elegant fashioning of the vehicle.

Photo by Matthew Henry / Unsplash

Body Maintenance is Like Classic Car Restoration

This is how I liken dealing with the Cause of people’s physical problems.

Unfortunately though, this approach whilst the correct way takes longer, more thought and more reflection. Unfortunately, most treatment avaialble for healthcare is directed to superficial quick fix jobs only.

How much better would you feel if your Body (“Classic Car”) was humming again?

Is it worth trying to fully restore your old body, your old classic car?

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