Services & Solutions

Vigeo Physio provides one-on-one consultations and exercise-based postural therapy in our Papanui clinic.

Our solutions are tailored for your specific needs and aimed at helping you to recover and maintain a well-functioning body. Depending on your situation, this may include overcoming dysfunction (and chronic pain), improving posture, improving physical performance, spine solutions, injury/problem care and/or pre-post surgery rehabilitation.

We begin your recovery process with a thorough consultation (usually 60 minutes). This in-depth assessment is invaluable for your best outcomes; it allows us to gather all the information about factors that may be contributing to your problem, so we can develop an effective treatment programme. We get great feedback from customers about the longer consultations (less rushed, better able to understand their situation and what they have learnt as well as better solutions for their problems). We aim to provide solutions from your first consultation and use a tailored therapy process, accompanied by in-depth recommendations once we are more aware of your needs.

If you have a range of problems or more complex or chronic problems, let us know - we may suggest a longer initial consultation to make the process easier/better for you. Each consultation is 60-minutes.

Physiotherapy Services Overview

  • Injury Management
  • Muscle Strains and Tears
  • After Fracture Recovery
  • Operation Preparation and Recovery
  • Spinal Conditions
  • Nerve Issues
  • Scoliosis Exercises and Guidance
  • Rib Treatment
  • Headache Management and Prevention Strategies
  • Vertigo Treatments
  • Whiplash and Car Accident Rehabilitation
  • + Many more solutions

Our Solutions

Using a thorough assessment process, we only provide solutions that are necessary for your betterment. If you are unsure what solution or service you need, we will assess your situation and help you to head in the right direction.

You’re in great care at Vigeo.

How can Vigeo help to support your whole body health?

  • You want to recover from an injury, or need rehab (including post-surgery).
  • You want to improve your overall physical performance.
  • You just want to feel better - you’ve tried lots of therapy and stretches, but nothing has helped.
  • You want to improve your health and prevent surgery in the future.
  • You want to improve your posture, to look and feel great.
  • You have an upcoming surgery, and want to prepare well to give yourself the best chance at a speedy recovery.
  • You want to get back to a well-functioning spine & body.
  • Face to face consultations are preferred by customers - however, we can offer online consultations if needed.

Exercise-based Well-Functioning Body

Feel as though something isn’t quite right in your body and want to find it and overcome it? This is a thorough solution to recover optimal function & reach your full potential.

Improve physical/sport performance

From years of helping athletes enjoy their sport by improving injury and physical performance, I have found the very best ways to restore optimal function. An aligned and symmetrically balanced body is simply more capable of performing at a much higher level. Return your posture to its intended design, and reduce the likelihood of injury by increasing your body’s athletic potential.

Improve health, prevent surgery

Many of us have the ability to live well into our 90s largely free from chronic disease. A well-functioning body is efficient and maintains good joint and muscle function, your organs are in good health and operate in an optimal manner.

For good joint health, it’s all about having the right joint position and then maintaining this with appropriate muscle condition (to put it simply). By looking after your joints, you can reduce/prevent degeneration and recover function and avoid the dreaded joint replacement(s) and the rehabilitation that follows.

At the end of your consultation, you will be informed with an explanation of what needs to change for you to be pain-free, prevent injury, and achieve optimal performance.

Overcome Dysfunction and Chronic Pain

This programme is when people have various issues, may have pain in a number of locations or have tried lots of therapy and haven’t found the answers they are looking for. It is recommended if you want to recover a well-functioning body with holistic, whole-body care. Also when:

You are suffering with chronic pain and would like to find long-lasting relief.

  • Vigeo may have been recommended to you, or you’re just looking for our expertise and experience.
  • You are having recurrent injuries and want to address the underlying cause, not just treat the symptom.

It’s about creating a game plan: helping you with an understanding of what is happening, and why it’s occurring. We’ll listen to you and work with you to uncover your solution. By using a methodical approach, a solution can be developed over time.

This involves assessing your whole body and providing exercise-based solutions and education to help you deal with your dysfunctions (and compensations). We work within your limits and provide the tools and guidance you need to help you overcome your physical health barriers.

At the end of your consultation, you will be informed with an explanation of what needs to change for you to be pain-free, prevent injury, and achieve optimal performance.

Injury / Problem Care

When you’re recovering from an injury, getting the simple things right ensures you recover well and don’t have future problems.

Get the right care with specific assessment techniques, exercises and care for your:

  • Spine - neck, upper back, lower back-pelvis, headaches
  • Upper limb (shoulder, elbow, wrist/hand, etc)
  • Lower limb (hip, knee, ankle-foot, etc)

Injury Care involves assessing the local injury and dealing with the situation. Some injuries/problems require a small intervention, where others require scans, investigations, and other health practitioners. We have access to bracing, supports, crutches and tape for whatever situation arises, and can refer you to a trusted health practitioner if needed.

Improve Posture

Feeling like something is out of whack in your body, out of balance or just feeling lousy?

Postural deviations and imbalances could be part of the root cause of your problem. It may have started from an old injury, sedentary office type work, repetitive actions or from something like scoliosis. Work and home life (& sleep) can be tougher than it needs to be when your body is out of balance. Many times other therapies, medications and stretches don’t give you the results you need.

Posture based therapy is a series of customised, gentle, corrective exercises designed to align your body and encourage appropriate function of the muscle groups you need to maintain this. This alignment relieves pain and increases range of motion and quality of life. You will look better and feel better and life will be that much easier when you improve your posture.

This process involves postural assessment and education/collaboration to help you understand what is happening with your body and instill appropriate habits for your recovery.

Spine Solutions

A well body requires a well-functioning spine.

Like a Swiss Army knife has various tools for various situations, so do we! There are a multitude of different theories, systems and approaches to help you back to a well-functioning spine; we will tailor your solution based on your individual needs.

Pre-Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Surgery is necessary to treat a range of health concerns, but it can have a significant effect on your body. We help you with the right preparation and recovery to take care of your body and give you the best outcome.

We understand that even minor surgery can be daunting, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Online Consultations

Most of our clients prefer face-to-face consultations, but it’s important that you can access the therapy your body needs, no matter where you are. You can arrange an online consultation if you wish to continue your exercise-based therapy whilst away from Christchurch.

Simply send your posture photos to Vigeo before our meeting, then we’ll meet online to review your situation and how your body is performing, then get onto the solutions.

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