Daylight Savings = More Heart Attacks & Stroke

Sep 20, 2022

Daylight savings time can be deadly

Take care of yourself and those around you as we change our clocks

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☀️Daylight Saving Dangers☠️

As daylight hours extend and spring kicks in its great to see Christchurch coming to life more and more.

I've been chatting with many clients lately and quite a few people aren't aware re: how dangerous daylight saving time can be for people so I thought I would share.

The change to daylight saving is linked with an increased rate of heart attacks. "One study found a 24 percent increase in heart attacks on the Monday after daylight saving time starts. Another found the risk of stroke is 8 percent higher on the two days following the time change".

I brainstormed a couple ideas that may help you over this time:

  • Enjoy the extra time off on 26th September and use it to recharge your batteries.
  • Down-regulate. Slow down, try practicing relaxation techniques or breathing exercises.
  • Schedule some time to rest.
  • Build up your fitness/physical condition gradually without forcing or rushing it.
  • Try changing your wake up time by 5-10 minutes per day in the lead up to Sunday.
  • Get lots of natural light in the morning.

Let me know if you have any other helpful tips?

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Can daylight saving time hurt the heart? Prepare now for spring
It’s safe to “fall back,” but when daylight saving time resumes in spring, it will bring an increase in heart attack risk.


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