About Vigeo Therapy

Too many people are living with pain & dysfunction and may have had previous unsuccessful treatment. I help you restore postural alignment with exercise to fix the problem at it's source so you can live a pain free, active life and be back on top of your world.

Vigeo Therapy is a highly effective combination of physiotherapy and postural therapy. We draw on our extensive experience and knowledge to provide solutions that help you overcome current or chronic pain or dysfunction, and recover and maintain a well-functioning body. Our approach is consultative and functional, focusing on connected regions/systems, manual therapy, movement training and muscle balance exercises.

We take pride in educating and empowering our clients during their journey back to peak performance. Alongside our physical therapies, our programmes include positive health concepts to help you overcome your health barriers and effectively manage your pain.

When you solve a physical problem that has been frustrating you for a long time, the relief can be enormous. That feeling, that relief is what we aim to deliver for our clients.

Our Rehab Principles

The Journey to Peak Performance

The process your body uses for recovery and health is much like a small seedling from a Totara tree. When it receives water and sunlight and is left undisturbed by things nearby, it will grow a bit stronger, a bit taller. The longer it survives, the better the stimulus it receives, the taller it grows, the more it develops. Under the right conditions, it will grow up into the mightiest tree you see in the forest.

Totara Seedling - 45 years old - 45 years old - ~1800 years old

Taking care to find the right stimulus will gradually help your body function better and better over time. But the Totara doesn’t grow overnight; your journey to peak performance is a process, and it’s all about taking the time, having patience, and finding the right care.

Vigeo provides the care and process your body needs to recover and perform at its best.

Our Therapist

Dom brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Vigeo Physio. With considerable sport team physiotherapy involvement and caring extensively for all manner of musculoskeletal problems clinically, Dom has the skills you need to recover - the right way.

He graduated from the University of Otago, New Zealand in 2001 with a keen interest in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy and has worked mainly in a musculoskeletal setting in Australia, the U.K. and New Zealand.

Dom knows firsthand the frustration of living with chronic pain. Despite being a naturally active child, he struggled with respiratory issues and an early hip injury that went unsolved (it was challenging to find the right solution). Over a number of years, he sustained a number of sporting injuries. Traditional/standard physiotherapy and exercises didn’t provide the right knowledge of how to properly recover and condition his body, these led to recurring injuries, and pain and fatigue that continued to worsen over time. Multiple appointments with a range of medical practitioners led to no improvement, so Dom set out on a path to find a holistic, whole-body solution. After 20 years of living with pain and fatigue, the combination of postural therapy with traditional physiotherapy techniques has Dom feeling amazing.

“The process that I’ve gone through myself is what I recognise other people are going through. I can help them with getting the clarity they need so they can avoid these issues and recover a well-functioning body faster & easier.”

Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner

Further study and training has included orthopaedic (spinal) manual therapy (university certificate), pilates instructor, headache and thoracic-chest courses, scoliosis techniques, techniques to calm the mind and visceral manipulation.

Dom is experienced, using clinically reasoned processes that solve, strategies to overcome more complex and frustrating physical problems and also uses highly specific techniques specialised for your needs:

  • nerve release techniques, spinal manual therapy,
  • learning to perform effective/controlled movement,
  • muscle strengthening and release techniques,
  • postural education
  • high-level activity preparation and recovery e.g. Coast to coast. Soccer & Rugby
  • inter-regional connections

Extensive Sports Involvement

Dom has worked across a wide range of sports, teams and events and understands what it takes to get back playing again as soon as practical.

His sports involvement has included working with a Victoria State U16 rugby union team and a Victorian rugby tournament, Werribee Soccer club (Football) and Auckland ITF Indoor Championships (Tennis). Courses with the Strength and Conditioning Coach for NZ Academy of Sport and an ex-All Black physiotherapist in Strengthening after Lower Back Disc Operation.

Dom has an interest in areas of sports physiotherapy having worked with a number of teams and sporting organisations whilst living in Gladstone, Queensland (the Calliope Roosters Rugby League and Soccer, sporting teams/events such as Gymnastics, Gladstone Tennis tournaments and the Relay for Life).

Dom worked at Physio and Fitness (Gladstone/Calliope locations) from the time he was in Australia in 2011. Dom left to establish Strive Physio Gladstone, Australia from 2014 until early 2019. at which time Dom sold Strive Physio and moved back to New Zealand.

Dom has a special interest in:

  • Helping people to overcome chronic pain and complex musculoskeletal problems
  • Management of neck-related headaches
  • Movement Based Exercises (and retraining motor control)
  • Muscle Balance by Body Part and Activity
  • Sports Medicine
  • Spinal Pain Management
  • Treating & Managing Pain of Nerve Origin
  • Complementary Medicine (Visceral Manipulation and Nerve Entrapment release techniques)
  • Work-related physiotherapy - functional capacity evaluations (FCEs), work hardening and injury management

Community and Values

Dom has a strong interest in the local community and is a former Rotarian. Their motto (the 4-way test) is particularly relevant in Dom's view:

  • Is it the truth?
  • Is it fair to all concerned?
  • Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
  • Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Dom is focused on exceeding expectations and providing holistic, tailored physical therapy solutions for everyday people.

Dom's focus on client results and caring nature has earned him loyal clientele in Christchurch, New Zealand.