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newsletter Apr 21, 2021

The aim of this newsletter is to provide you with info to help you better understand what is happening with the pain or dysfunction that you experience in your body. But most importantly, helping you to take action to help your body improve and maintain great function. With the right information, it’s much easier to solve pain and dysfunction the right way.

Pain Education - Explain Pain

Explain Pain is a famous book which can really help people struggling with pain and dysfunction.

The pain field has been advocating for some time for the importance of teaching people how to live well with pain. Explaining Pain (EP) refers to a range of educational interventions that aim to change one’s understanding of the biological processes that are thought to underpin pain as a mechanism to reduce pain itself. It draws on educational psychology, in particular conceptual change strategies, to help patients understand current thought in pain biology.

“The core objective of the EP approach to treatment is to shift one’s conceptualisation of pain

from that of a marker of tissue damage or disease to that of a marker of the perceived need to protect body tissue”.

Scientific Evidence behind Explain Pain

Explain Pain 2nd Edition - epub | Book Version

Protectometer (great resource to help you develop a plan to overcome dysfunction/chronic pain)

A Man Look

It can be hard to find what you are looking for

The other day, I was looking around the house trying to find my glasses cleaner. It’s in a box along with one of those fine wiping cloths and when applied to my glasses, can instantly remove the dirt, grime and anything else. But finding where I had last put it was proving impossible. After 30 minutes hunting high and low (in the garage, the bedroom, bathroom, living area and in the car...everywhere), I let out an exasperated sigh and slumped down in my favourite chair to watch my favourite sport and to relax. I knew from past experience it is better to not get too upset or annoyed especially as the solution I was looking for was not presenting itself. Not having my cleaner and being stressed would be worse than just just not having my cleaner. And, what would you know...my lovely partner came to save the day. Seeing how annoying it was, she had a quick look herself. She found it, in the door of my car even though I had checked the car without success. She had a laugh saying that I must have had “a man look”.

Why this can be so helpful for you is...

Pain Message 1:

The message here is that the pain you are experiencing is real and is causing you problems so it needs to be addressed (found). When you hunt for the solution and it doesn’t present itself, looking with another set of eyes (a different viewpoint) can then reveal the answer you are looking for.

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