Want better core?

core Aug 18, 2022

Frequently we hear from clients that they need better core. They may be involved in regular gym or yoga or other fitness activities. A personal trainer or an instructor or even another health practitioner may have identified this need. So you find some abdominal exercises or other core exercises and try. And try and try and try again. Then you notice that it isn't working. "Mary" attended my clinic saying "I've been told that I need a better core, I have tried gym, yoga, YouTube videos but it isn't working, can you help?" Absolutely, yes.

The reasons people have problems improving their core vary considerably. Every person is an individual - the injuries they have had, their fitness levels, the physicality of their work, if they are young, have had children or are older and have had surgery. The list is endless. "The core" requires a well-functioning body to ensure the muscles are co-ordinated, the muscles are getting the messages from the nerves and the muscles need to develop over time.

At Vigeo Physio we help people find their way back to a better core with gentle, individualised exercises that produce incredible results.

Take your first step to a better core today.

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