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ACC Physio

Helping ACC clients back to peak performance

Vigeo Physio provides a thorough injury management and recovery solution for ACC clients. We accept ACC Claims and will help you understand what they cover (and don’t cover), and provide care that helps you get back to feeling your best.

Our experienced therapist can help you to:

  • Recover from your existing injury.
  • Understand and manage any other aches, pains or strains.
  • Reduce the risk of more injuries in the future.
  • Help your body to perform better, for longer.

The journey from acute injury treatment to whole body health

We see many ACC injuries that have occurred after a much longer period of ongoing aches and pains, especially in clients that have a fairly inactive job (office work etc). Our unique approach delivers lasting results, helping you to recover from your initial injury and providing the support to address any underlying causes or ongoing issues.

After we’ve examined your current pain or injury, we conduct a thorough assessment of your whole body health to discover the underlying cause. Once we’ve uncovered the areas to work on, we begin a treatment process to ensure your body operates as well as it possibly can.