Vigeo Consultations

From appointment booking to dealing with the cause of your problem/injury

Our process is specifically designed to give you the best results.

ACC or Private Claims Accepted

Vigeo Process For Consultation

  1. Book Appointment Online
  2. Complete forms (patient registration, injury/problem form etc)
  3. Attend your scheduled consultation (with any relevant documents/scans)
  4. Start to deal with the Cause of your problem

Book Appointment Online.

Book Consultation now

  • Find the appropriate time and book your consultation to get underway.


  • Complete a couple forms with information about you and your injury/problem. Also helpful to bring: any scan information, surgery details, letters from Doctors (and others) and ACC claim information (if relevant).


  • Let us know asap if you can’t make your appointment. I am available by appointment to help people really needing my assistance. Wasted time is frustrating for everyone and you may incur a charge if < 24 hours notice.

Your Initial Consultation.

Background and Planning

  • Approx. 60 minutes in duration - we will discuss your situation, your activities, your goals and injury/health history to help understand your whole body needs (as well as the specific issue we are dealing with).


  • Postural Assessment, Functional Tests, more Specific Testing based on your situation/needs


  • Based on the analysis of preceding information, we will begin directly with your solutions. This is a fairly fluid process based on your needs and what we uncover along the way. We will take the time to ensure  you understand what is expected/happening and your results are being delivered.

Advance Bookings.

Don’t miss out by scheduling in advance

  • The frequency of your appointments relates to your needs and availability (yours and mine).
  • Initially, this tends to be more frequent but as you progress through the process, the time between appointments tends to become longer
  • Acute problem/injury, this tends to be more frequent until your problem settles (and is causing less effect on you)
  • Advance Bookings. Booking your appointments for a number of weeks/months in advance ensures you can focus on developing your solution to have your needs met. Your results will indicate when you no longer require our care.

Pay for Your Consultation


  • Private consultations require full payment at the time of your consultation.
  • ACC covers a portion of ACC claims so you will need to pay the Gap (difference).

Payment Processing

  • We process using Eftpos or in some situations directly via your internet banking (Poli Pay).