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Scheduling has been made easy with online consultation bookings. Book a consultation and make changes if you need. Vigeo doesn’t have administrative support so your online bookings make life easier for everyone. Thanks.

Long Consultations to better serve your needs

Your initial consultation will be a long consultation. Due to the amount of information we gather and discuss and our assessment processes the time we spend initially is invaluable for your best outcome.

To help you back to your best, particularly when you have a range of problems, more complex or chronic problems, we may suggest a further long consultation. 60 minutes is ideal (in some situations 90 minutes). Once your programme is established and we understand your situation (and you understand our process), shorter consultations may be appropriate. Ask us if you are unsure.


Getting started with Physiapp

Getting started Video (short or long video)

Alternatively, go to

  1. Physiapp Login
  2. Enter your programme code (from the top right of your printed exercise sheet)
  3. Enter your year of birth
  4. Enter (+ tick some boxes etc)

You should now have access to your  programme

Troubleshooting Physiapp

  1. Delete the app and re-load it from the App Store
  2. Go to Preferences > Sign out > re-enter the code and year of birth etc
  3. Update the app if it is needed
  4. Email me for help once you have tried everything you can

My exercises haven't updated for my new programme

Some problems have been occurring since a recent update. Try this first. If it doesn't work, then contact me for assistance.

On your mobile phone, make sure you are accessing the exercises from the app, not from a web page (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Duckduckgo etc).

If you look in your emails, the last email should have your code.
The process is for you to:

1. Go into the app (Physiapp)

2. Choose Preferences then Sign Out

3. Re-enter your code + Year of Birth + Enter
You should now have your latest programme. Enjoy :)



If you have an active ACC claim we will provide you with care relating directly to that injury. We accept ACC Claims and will help you understand what they cover (and don’t cover).

Note: ACC injuries are just a small part of your body’s whole needs.

ACC - working well together

New Zealand has an enviable healthcare system for accidents. ACC provides an incredible support network if the problem you have was caused by an accident.

We follow the rules for ACC related claims and assist by providing administration to make this easy for you. We aim to educate you about how the system works so you are aware of your rights, obligations and the best way to work well with ACC.

MyACC - makes ACC claim admin easier

Some people can access their claim information. Register if you can - it will make your injury care easier.

You can log in when with your physio - this makes your administration quicker and easier.


When your body isn’t working as desired, private physio ensures you can get back to doing everything you need asap. Like a car needs a regular service, your body needs to be kept working in top condition. Don’t wait unnecessarily for your body to overcome a problem that won’t go away, get private physio care today.

Your First Visit

What do I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing. Shorts + T-shirt / Sports Bra / Tank Top.

Visibility makes rehab easier

The static alignment of your spine (and the way it moves during movement) can reveal vital clues that can really help you. Wear clothing that makes the process easy for both of us, we can't wait to help you to feel great again!

1st Consultation - come early & be ready

Maximise your time with us and help us keep on time - if you have filled out your forms online (we will email them to you after you have booked your consultation), you're ready to go. Arrive a few minutes early if you can. If you haven't filled out your forms or your consultation was last minute, there are forms you will need to fill out. If that's the case - please come 10-15 minutes early for your consultation.

Positive Health Messages - a Nice Perspective for recovery

Injuries and pain can be scary. But it doesn't need to be that way. Your body has built in healing mechanisms and an amazing ability to recover. Let's help you gain the perspective you need so you can see the brighter side of your situation and how to get back to feeling great again.

Look after yourself with regular activity

If you don't have an ACC claim don't forget to look after yourself. Keep your body running in tip-top condition so you can make a success of everything you do.

We offer private consultations to maintain your condition in peak state to minimise disruptions and maximise performance in your day to day (home/work) and leisure/sport activities.

Self-management tools

Chronic & complex conditions or problems are known to cause all sorts of levels of frustration and issues for people. The process can be made better by you taking responsibility for your health. We are here to help you with self-management exercises and strategies as well as education to be aware of this.

We love to help people back to a well-functioning body and look forward to helping you.

Back on Top of Your World with Vigeo Physio