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Golf: Improve your swing and eliminate pain

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If you love golf but struggle with pain, stiffness, or inconsistency in your swing, posture therapy can help..

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Posture therapy is a method of restoring your body's natural alignment and function through a series of simple exercises.

By correcting the root cause of your pain and dysfunction, posture therapy can enhance your performance and enjoyment of golf.

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At Vigeo Physio, we offer posture therapy consultations tailored to golfers of all levels and abilities..

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We use a range of tests to assess your body's movement and identify any limitations that affect your golf swing. Then we design a personalized program of posture therapy exercises that target your specific needs and goals. We also provide you with feedback and support along the way to ensure your success.

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With posture therapy, you can expect to:

  • Learn some of the tips and tricks used by a very famous golfer, who used posture therapy to overcome his chronic back pain and win a significant number of major championships.
  • Create a more efficient and powerful golf swing by improving your balance, flexibility, strength, and coordination.
  • Prevent injuries and extend your golfing career by reducing the wear and tear on your joints and muscles.
  • Have more fun and confidence on the course by eliminating compensations and dysfunctions that affect your consistency and accuracy.
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Whether you play golf recreationally or competitively, posture therapy can help you take your game to the next level. Don't let pain or dysfunction keep you from enjoying the sport you love. Contact us today to schedule a posture therapy consultation and discover the difference it can make for your golf swing and your overall health and wellness.

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