Rehab Principles

Rehab principles used by Vigeo to help you recover (and maintain) a well-functioning body.

Vigeo presents a functional perspective that empowers you to overcome your physical health barriers. This is achieved by helping you to be aware of the areas to focus on, movement training & muscle balance and positive health concepts.

Empowerment to create the life you want

Connected Regions & Systems

We commonly have customers who present to our clinic with various regions of the body contributing to impairment. Many times, multiple systems (musculoskeletal, visceral and respiratory) are impacted.

Their background history frequently reveals previous injuries, habits (posture and movement and activities), emotions & thoughts & beliefs that have impacted them. These things have an effect upon the way they hold themselves and their posture, the way they move, tension in tissue (fascia and other soft-tissues) which can affect various regions as well as their abdominal organs and can create altered breathing patterns.

The framework of connected regions & systems we use provides an understanding of how old injuries, altered movement habits and posture contribute to current problems in health. And, it reveals a way forward.

Movement training with expert guidance

Movement Training & Muscle Balance

Much like our teeth need brushing (at least twice daily), our body needs ongoing care. At times, more effort is needed and at other times less. Striking a suitable balance to maintain your body within your time constraints is the key. But, when recovering from an injury or problem, the right focus (& potentially more time) is helpful to make progress the way you need.

Previously, individual muscles have been the focus, but now new research and new methods have shown us that it's better to focus on quality controlled joint movement as well as muscle balance.

Muscle imbalances occur when two or more opposing muscles have one being overactive or too tight and the other being under-active or without adequate tension. Useful in this situation is identifying whether the imbalances are caused by any particular activities you are doing in your daily life, your work or from sport-leisure activities. Then working to re-balance (& maintain) these muscle again. Fortunately, we have great ways to achieve this.

Once the appropriate movement training and muscle balance have been developed, strength and condition is next. With the right guidance and suitable strengthening exercises or activities that fit well in your life you can get the muscular support your body needs for the things you do (or want to do).

Depending on the problem you are having, we will provide you with exercises for movement training, muscle balance and strengthening (and more).

A variety of manual therapy techniques

Manual Therapy (& combined with movement)

Spinal pain and physical disorders are multifaceted. Simply though, customers' functional disturbances are associated with varying degrees of pain, joint and muscle impairment. We provide a range of solutions that is tailored for you and if you need hands on treatment we can't provide, we know others locally who can assist as part of your overall solution.

Physiotherapist Dominic has carried out extensive post-graduate training in spinal manual therapy, visceral manipulation and use of manual techniques in treatment.

Manual Therapy is using hands on techniques to restore better mobility of a joint, nerve or muscle as well as to facilitate better muscle function. A range of manual techniques are used depending on the situation.

Part of the magic for many of our customers comes when we perform our manual techniques with dysfunctional movements that they have been struggling with. The effect of the technique on their body can be surprising and can change their perspective on what is hindering and causing problems for them. And, the ‘wow’ and look on their face says it all.

Create Positive Health Perspectives

Positive Health Concepts

Unhelpful thoughts, stress and emotions can put our body into tension and at risk of repeat injury or longer term problems. During your consultations, we aim to help you with pain education to help you deal with the emotions and stress that can accompany your injury(s). And we want to provide tools or links to services that help you to maintain a  calm mind and a healthy mindset for your recovery.

Also, when you gain physical relief from the problem that has been frustrating you for a long time, the relief can be enormous.

Positive health concepts encourage the right perspectives for your best recovery.

Overcome your barriers to great physical health

Barriers to Health

Barriers to our optimal physical health are things we can’t see how to overcome. It may be that someone has told you that your problem is arthritis or another scary sounding medical term (disc bulge, nerve injury or another old injury you may have had). Or it may be that you have tried various treatments & ways to recover but not yet found a solution. In this situation it's easy to limit yourself to the barrier and end up doing less than you would like. Or worse, you stop doing the things you love because you can’t any longer without repercussions.

Your body is Strong & Healthy and has incredible built-in mechanisms for recovery. We aim to educate and empower you to change things that can be changed, working within your limits (and expanding your limits). Overcome your physical health barriers, with the right instruction and guidance.

Spine Solutions

We provide solutions to help you return to a Strong, Healthy Spine (and well-functioning Body). With our extensive expertise and post-graduate training, we use a functional approach that focuses on connected regions/systems, manual therapy, movement training and muscle balance exercises. We focus on positive health concepts and help people overcome their physical health barriers.

What will you be able do when you recover your well-functioning body?