Vigeo Process

Take time, be patient and receive the right care.

Vigeo provides a process by which you can recover a well-functioning body. Because quick fixes don’t often provide you the solution you need.

Why a Process?

Your body is affected by the stimulus you provide. With the right stimulus, it functions better. With the wrong stimulus, if functions worse.

The process your body uses for recovery and health is much like a small seedling from a Totara tree. When it receives water, sunlight and is left undisturbed by things nearby, it will grow a bit stronger, a bit taller. The longer it survives, the better the stimulus it receives, the taller it grows, the more it develops. Under the right conditions, it will grow up into the mightiest tree you see in the forest.

With the right care (and process), your body is strong and healthy and able to return to being well-functioning again.

A young Totara tree
Still relatively young ~45 year old Totara - growing straight and tall. Bay of Plenty, NZ
Poukani, the largest remaining Totara tree 3.9m Diameter. Assessed to be ~1800 years old. Taupo.

Note: Totara lifespan can be ~800-1800 years.

Taking care to find the right stimulus will gradually help your body function better and better over time. But it is a process, it’s all about taking the time, having patience and the right care - there are no shortcuts.

At Vigeo Physio, our solutions focus on providing you with the next steps you need in your process to a well-functioning body.